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Silver Nova

Brand New Sustainable Silver Nova

It's official! Silversea Cruises are debuting their first ever 100% sustainable cruise ship, and the first in their 'Nova' fleet, in summer 2023!

Ultra-luxury travel brand Silversea Cruises® has announced the name of its first ship, Silver NovaSM, developed as part of its innovative newbuild project known as Project Evolution. The revolutionary vessel, set for delivery in summer 2023, will be the first hybrid, luxury cruise ship free of local emissions at port, positioning Silversea at the forefront of sustainable cruising for years to come.

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Ponant, Antarctica

Ponant: Caring for the Planet

One area of luxury cruising which is gaining more and more international attention, growth, and funding is sustainability. "How can a cruise be sustainable?" you may ask. Well, each year, more cruise lines are looking to develop new ways of cruising which are more environmentally friendly. After all, cruising is a fantastic way to feel at one with nature and the ocean, so why not try to do this as gently and sustainably as possible?

PONANT is one such cruise line constantly looking to better their methods of sustainable cruising.

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A-Rosa E-Motion

A-Rosa's Push for Sustainability

One of the best experiences for any keen traveller is a river cruise through Europe. Gliding along the Rhine, Danube, Douro, or Seine is a truly magical experience, and at A-Rosa, they are proud to be taking the extra step in sustainability.

In 2022, A-Rosa plans to launch their new ship, Sena, featuring a hybrid diesel and electric propulsion system. The aim is to switch to electric, battery-powered motor when the ship approaches towns and cities, so as to save fuel whilst also keeping the waterways around the cities clean.

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Top 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

As of June 2020, there are 1,121 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 167 countries around the world, including 869 cultural, 213 natural, and 39 of mixed properties. With 55 selected areas each, Italy and China are the countries which are home to the most sites on the list.

Aside from some really obvious ones, like Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal for instance, we have selected our top 10 favourite UNESCO World Heritage sites which we think are unique and underrated and deserve a visit on your next cruise.

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Sustainable Cruising

The tourism industry as a whole is evolving and adapting to accommodate our changing perception of the Earth and how we travel around it. Travel is evolving – for the better. Many cruise lines are beginning to look towards a more sustainable future; environmentally, economically, and culturally. While this might not be a priority for some, we at Panache are interested in how this might change the industry, and how major luxury cruise lines will approach and adapt to this new consumer demand.

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