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A-Rosa's Push for Sustainability

One of the best experiences for any keen traveller is a river cruise through Europe. Gliding along the Rhine, Danube, Douro, or Seine is a truly magical experience, and at A-Rosa, they are proud to be taking the extra step in sustainability.

In 2022, A-Rosa plans to launch their new ship, Sena, featuring a hybrid diesel and electric propulsion system. The aim is to switch to electric, battery-powered motor when the ship approaches towns and cities, so as to save fuel whilst also keeping the waterways around the cities clean.

An additional innovation on Sena is air-bubble technology, which pumps air bubbles under the ship’s hull to create less water resistance so that the vessel glides more smoothly on the surface of the water, thus reducing fuel consumption.

This ship will be ideal for any cruisers looking to reduce their environmental impact while travelling the European waterways.

A-Rosa Cabin

A-Rosa believe it is their responsibility to address environmental challenges with a long-term approach to increasingly sustainable cruising. They request that their guests behave responsibly and respectfully while docked in ports.

A-Rosa aims to effectively reduce and manage waste on board the fleet, recycle where possible and remove single-use plastics, and preserve the high water quality of Europe’s rivers by using complex waste treatment systems.

We’re excited that A-Rosa are leading the way with more sustainable river cruising and look forward to more progress within the industry in years to come! We also can't wait to see more of what Sena is going to look like inside, as the itineraries for their debut cruises along the Rhine look fantastic; make sure to check them out here.

We also hosted a webinar with A-Rosa recently, so you can watch that below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more updates about new cruise lines, ships, amazing destinations, and exclusive Panache Cruises offers.

A-Rosa webinar


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