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Cruising: The Great Restart

Back in February, we asked our customers when they thought cruising would resume. We received over 200 replies and September 2021 was the most voted-for month, receiving almost double the votes of any other month. In second place was June 2021, closely followed by July 2021. Well, we are really impressed because it seems to be that this prediction is coming true!

So many of our luxury cruise line partners have been releasing their sailings and confirming restart dates for Summer 2021 and we couldn’t be more excited.

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Why book a cruise now?

Right now, it’s illegal to go abroad, unless you’ve got a valid reason.

We’re all hoping that changes very soon, as vaccinations continue to be delivered, infection rates keep going down and life goes slowly back to normal.

Nevertheless, as it stands, you can’t go on holiday, whether you’re camping, caravanning, or cruising.

As a result, lots of cruisers have simply been wondering: “Why would I book a cruise now?”

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How & When Will Cruising Return?

One of our most frequently asked questions recently has been when will cruising return? And how will it happen?

Well, to be completely honest, no one is 100% sure of the answer yet. Watch the video below of our founder, James Cole, addressing this question with a positive yet realistic outlook on when cruising will resume.

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Best of the British Isles

It may not be an exotic, faraway destination, but there are many reasons why a cruise around the British Isles should be at the top of your cruising bucket list.

First of all, the fact that you don’t have to fly or get a train anywhere makes it so easy! Not everyone enjoys flying or spending hours in airports, so a British Isles cruise is a great way of exploring your own back garden while feeling relaxed in a comfortable environment.

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