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Regent Seven Seas Splendor

A Splendid Cruise on Regent Splendor

The other week, Panache Cruises' General Manager Clare Cruise was invited on board Regent Seven Seas' newest ship, Seven Seas Splendor. Clare spent a few days sailing along the south coast of England and was blessed with beautiful sunshine throughout. Here's what she said about Splendor when she came back...

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Silver Moon

A week on board Silver Moon

The other week, my colleague Catherine and I were fortunate enough to be invited on board Silversea’s newest ship, the Silver Moon, for a sailing around the Greek Isles. The whole experience was absolutely incredible. It was my first ever cruise and I certainly started at the top! We were on board for six nights (the actual cruise was 10 nights, but we got on board a few days in).

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Cruising the Canaries

A truly underrated cruise destination not far from home for us Brits is the Canary Islands.

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Croatia - Adriatic Paradise!

As the sun sets on the glittering Adriatic, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were a million miles away from the UK…but Croatia, the pearl of the Adriatic, is a mere two hour flight away. A land rich in culture, pristine nature, fabulous culinary traditions, a beautifully mild climate, and extraordinary crystal clear waters. Choosing to cruise along the Croatian coast is a holiday that will delight you.

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Expedition cruise

First time on an Expedition Cruise?

The anticipation of getting up close to nature in its most raw form is immense. The mind buzzes with a hundred questions of ‘what will I see’, ‘what should I pack’, ‘what will the weather be like’, ‘do I take every camera I have ever owned to get the shot’, ‘how do I get into a Zodiac’… Well, here are a few pointers to get you started.

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Cruising: The Great Restart

Back in February, we asked our customers when they thought cruising would resume. We received over 200 replies and September 2021 was the most voted-for month, receiving almost double the votes of any other month. In second place was June 2021, closely followed by July 2021. Well, we are really impressed because it seems to be that this prediction is coming true!

So many of our luxury cruise line partners have been releasing their sailings and confirming restart dates for Summer 2021 and we couldn’t be more excited.

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Hidden Gems in the Caribbean

For many people, when they think of a luxury cruise, their mind immediately jumps to 'Caribbean'. They're certainly not wrong, as many luxury ocean cruises and super yachts visit the myriad of beautiful islands and sail the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. In fact, most seasoned cruisers have probably been on at least one Caribbean cruise throughout their time.

But where are the hidden gems in this well-known area?

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Sustainable Cruising

The tourism industry as a whole is evolving and adapting to accommodate our changing perception of the Earth and how we travel around it. Travel is evolving – for the better. Many cruise lines are beginning to look towards a more sustainable future; environmentally, economically, and culturally. While this might not be a priority for some, we at Panache are interested in how this might change the industry, and how major luxury cruise lines will approach and adapt to this new consumer demand.

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Kyoto Japan

Spotlight on Japan

Japan is my favourite place I've ever visited. A mystical land where ancient traditions and diverse cultures rub shoulders with ultra-modern cities. Few countries possess the kind of allure that makes Japan sui generis. Whilst the waft of street food and the sweet aroma of cherry blossom blanketing oriental gardens takes a hold of your senses, the vibrant culture awakens something deep in your soul.

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New Expedition Ships

Year on year luxury expedition cruising has grown exponentially and over the next decade it is set to become a forerunner in the industry, especially in light of the pandemic and a growing demand for long-haul, ‘bucket list’ trips.

When ships set sail again, it's likely that cruisers will want to book life-changing voyages offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It's expected that regions like the Arctic, Antarctica, and the Galapagos Islands will become the next expedition hotspots, and we can see why.

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