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Seabourn's new restaurant Solis

Seabourn has taken an unconventional approach with the cuisine in brand-new restaurant Solis. Offering a refreshing spin, this wonderful new dining venue embraces light, contemporary Mediterranean-inspired dishes which reflect the essence of the region. Every day hosts a new culinary experience based on ingredients found at local markets which the culinary team visit during days in port. Each menu will include colourful dishes, taking inspiration from the eastern Mediterranean, and will represent a masterpiece of flavour and artistry. Seabourn have described this new innovation as offering “foods of the sun”. 

Solis Restaurant
In collaboration with long-time partners and master chef Anton Egger and Frank Salein, Seabourn has carefully curated Solis to fulfil the desires and preferences of its discerning guests. Anton Egger shares that with Solis "we’re combining all that we have learned and more into something [guests] are sure to enjoy – and that we will enjoy creating”.

Seabourn chef
Beyond the culinary experience, guests can immerse themselves in an atmosphere of refined sophistication, indulging in Seabourn's new vintage cocktail menu. Featuring an array of classic cocktails, crafted to perfection, plus a number of new twists and creations, each beverage is a reflection of the artistry and attention to detail that comes with the all-inclusive, ultra-luxury Seabourn experience.

Seabourn cocktail
Seabourn designed Solis to captivate and inspire their guests and leave them with an incredible impression, longing for them to return time and time again and savour its culinary delights. Initially launched on board Seabourn Quest in January 2024, Solis will soon grace the decks of Seabourn's entire fleet including Encore, Ovation and Sojourn by summer 2024, promising an unforgettable experience for all who will embark on it.

Guests will be delighted to know that Solis is included in the cruise fare, allowing them to dine as often as they please at no extra cost. Whether it's breakfast lunch, or an exquisite dinner, guests can savour the exceptional cuisine of Solis at their convenience throughout their trip.

Unfamiliar with the diverse dining options Seabourn has onboard? Here are some alternatives to discover. The Restaurant is a classic and creative dining venue with a refined elegance. At The Colonnade you can choose from a lavish buffet or destination-themed a la carte evening meals, with seating available both inside and outside. Earth and Ocean offers a charming evening under the stars, celebrating the flavours of the world. Sushi is an authentic Japanese restaurant aboard Seabourn Encore and Seabourn Ovation, offering a delightful and intimate dining experience unique from the other venues on board.

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