Which animals can I see on an Antarctic expedition?

An Antarctic expedition sounds just a tad cold, doesn’t it? It’d probably be choppy too, maybe even a little bit wet. But is it worth it for the animals you meet?

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The Arctic's Big Five: Which animals can you see on an Arctic Expedition?

By mid-July, the Arctic region basks in 24-hour sunlight. This is the best time to visit the Polar region, as the western side of Svalbard sheds its icy sheath and flora paints Greenland’s canvas as a beautiful pasture of pastel colours. Glacial fronts start to loosen up, moving forward while colossal calvings crash into the sea. The Arctic is an icy playground for all sorts of beast, you're likely to bump into a few special friends on an Arctic Expedition Cruise...

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New Zealand

12 Reasons to take an Expedition Cruise

Are you curious about expedition cruising? But not sure whether to take the plunge and step out of your comfort zone?

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Black Bear

Wonderful Wildlife of Alaska

Alaska is a destination for true explorers and wildlife enthusiasts

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Amy in New Zealand

Whale Tales from New Zealand

Meeting new people and sharing an unforgettable experience.

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