The top 5 things to see on a Danube river cruise

Being one of Europe’s most beautiful and celebrated waterways, Danube river cruises steer you to ancient towns filled with history, through picturesque landscapes and to vibrant, cultural cities. As you voyage between Central and Eastern Europe, stop off at fascinating destinations and scratch beneath the surface to uncover centuries old history.

The Danube passes through several countries, including Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, and gives you the opportunity to see some of Europe’s finest sites. Here are our top five.

Bathe in Budapest’s Gellert Baths
Budapest in all its neoclassical architecture, hilltop views, fascinating history, massive shopping districts, narrow streets, and wide variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes is the Danube river cruise destination. The Hungarian capital is also built on thermal springs, and a dip in any of the many baths in the town is a must for any weekend visitor. Gellert Baths is just about the most famous and most impressive.

Cruise the Iron Gates
Iron Gates is a magnificent natural gorge on the east end of the River Danube. It forms part of the border between Romania and Serbia, dividing the Carpathian and Balkan mountains. It’s two miles long, 530 feet wide, and a haven for wildlife and 360° panoramic views of untouched wilderness. That is, until you reach the Rock Sculpture of Decebalus. 

Commissioned by a Romanian businessman in 1994, Decebalus was a Dacian king who took on the armies of the Roman Empire. These days he’s a Romanian folk hero and this enormous sculpture is befitting of that status.

Drink in Nuremberg's famous Christmas market
Nuremberg is the second largest city in Bavaria and often gets overshadowed by its bigger brother, Munich. Steeped in history, nature, ancient architecture, beer, sausages, and gingerbread, Nuremberg is a must-stop on your Danube river cruise. There are diverse modern shopping districts and cool historical landmarks including the mediaeval castle with brilliant views. The event of the year, however, has to be the famous Christkindlesmarkt.

Wander around Bratislava’s colourful Old Town
Yet another European capital stop on your Luxury Danube river cruise is Bratislava, Slovakia. Nestled in between the Danube and the surrounding Carpathian Mountains, Bratislava is delightful, thriving, and underrated. There are plenty of historic sites to explore such as the famous Bratislava Castle, St. Martin’s Cathedral, and the Slavin Monument. 

Boutique shops, cafes, pubs, historical buildings, museums, and churches - the Old Town is perfect for a wander around due its narrow cobbled streets when your luxury river cruise floats in for the day.

Try an apricot in Krems
Krems is a town in Austria just 50 miles from the palatial capital Vienna, but worlds away from the big-city pace of its busy streets. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s here that marks the beginning of the Wachau Valley, famous for its wine production. Besides the wine, the region is famous for its apricots which are described as perfectly plump.

Churches, museums, historical buildings, old towns, wine taverns, a benedictine monastery, and historic monuments, there’s plenty to see in this riverside gem.

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