A photographic Caribbean odyssey with Atlas Ocean Voyages

Last year I was fortunate enough to win the company employee of the year award. The prize: A free cruise!

I opted for a trip on Atlas Ocean Voyages journeying around the Caribbean Islands, somewhere I had never been before but had always wanted to go. St Barts being the bucket list destination for me, I’d seen it on YouTube years before and had instantly wanted to go. Ten years later I was on my way there. I was very much looking forward to getting away for some warm weather. We set off from Manchester and flew directly to Barbados, boarding Atlas Ocean Voyages ship World Voyager, a small but perfectly appointed expedition yacht. At 10,000 tonnes the ship is small compared to most modern day cruise ships, but well positioned to get closer to the action on these kinds of expedition trips. With night falling, we set sail for our first stop: Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 


Our first stop featured an included catamaran trip to Mopion Island, which is literally a tiny sand bar in the ocean. The only thing on the island is a palm leaf umbrella, surrounded by turquoise water filled with tropical fish and the occasional ray (which of course I missed). I’ve visited this kind of place before just off the coast of the Dominican Republic, but seeing a place which most people see as paradise was and is always a privilege; white sand and the bluest of water brings joy to the eyes and soul. After spending some time both ashore and diving beneath the waves GoPro in hand, we eventually set off back to our floating home. We glided over the waves on a catamaran blasting reggae tunes—a memory I will never forget. 


Dominica was next on my photographic hit list, I was totally unprepared for what awaited me. I was up early to see the sun rising out of the Caribbean Sea. As we approached the Dominica coastline I was treated to the most spectacular display of light pouring over the mountains— a photonic waterfall, you could say. Shortly after this spectacular visual display we docked in Roseau, a city framed by mountains, clouds and mist. We set off into those same mountains to discover a series of waterfalls and pools hidden within the Dominican rainforest. Bumpy roads and broken-down vans included, this was a real adventure. Making our way between four watery cascades, I happily snapped away taking as many photos as possible. I knew I’d likely never venture this way again, capturing every moment for posterity.


Our adventure featured Spanny Falls, Trafalgar Falls, Emerald Pool and Jacko Falls—each very impressive and impossible to pick a favourite. The most photogenic was undoubtedly Emerald Pool, with views from above, under, front and even behind the falls. You can also take a dip if you fancy it, I however abstained from this due to all the camera equipment I was carrying.  If you’re ever on the island of Dominica, visit the waterfalls. You won’t be disappointed!


Fort-de-France in Martinique was an unexpected treat. It’s a former French naval stronghold, now a modern-day city complete with glass skyscrapers and McDonald's restaurants. My photographic journey took me to the Cathedral and library, both incredibly beautiful buildings and quite unique. St Louis Cathedral is the work of Pierre-Henri Picq, who also designed Bibliothèque Schoelcher— the library of Fort-de-France. The library was built for the 1889 world exposition in Paris, it was then dismantled and transported to Martinique where it was rebuilt as the city’s main library. Before leaving this intriguing city I managed to capture another few images of a foreboding sunset, skyscraper included.


Couple all this with a couple of bucket list destinations and you’ve got a photographic adventure that dreams are made of.

If you want to explore the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, find out more information here!

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