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A place where we step away from the offers and deals and itineraries for a moment, and take a look at the wider world of cruising. Here you will find tips, advice, cruising news, and a whole bunch of our favourite destinations, excursions, ships, and the best of our luxury cruise lines.

Want to know the Top 10 Activities on a Caribbean Cruise? The Best New Expedition Ships? How to Pack for a Luxury River Cruise? You will find the answers here, plus more!


The Most Romantic Luxury Cruises

Why not give the gift of travel?

We know how special a luxury cruise can be for a couple and at Panache Cruises we delight in curating the perfect cruises for each and every guest. We have found the most romantic destinations around the world to visit as a couple and paired them with our favourite luxury cruises.

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The Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel

Are you looking at an itinerary that none of your loved ones fancy? You want to get away but no one’s free at the same time as you? Or you just purely want to spend time exploring some beautiful destinations by yourself. Don’t let the prospect of travelling by yourself put you off! There are lots of amazing benefits to solo travel….

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Rouen France

Spotlight on France

France is officially the most visited country in the world, welcoming over 89 million visitors each year. Home to a number of stunning waterways, such as the Rhine, Rhone, Seine and Garonne, a luxury river cruise through the heart of France is an unforgettable experience.

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Cairns Australia

Spotlight on Australia

Australia is arguably one of the most epic destinations in the world to explore on a cruise. With over sixteen thousand miles of dramatic coastline, idyllic paradise islands, and colourful coral reefs, Australia tops many travellers’ bucket lists. Travellers from all walks of life will find Australia full of varied ecosystems, weird and wonderful wildlife, rich culture, bright cities, and diverse geographical landscapes.

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Petra Jordan

The 7 Wonders of the World

When you think of the most beautiful landmarks around the world, what comes to mind?

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Cruise & Cricket: the Ultimate Barbados Itinerary

Barbados is a travel destination which truly has it all. Glorious white sand beaches, glistening turquoise bays, lush botanical gardens, rolling hills and vibrant nightlife. Surfers from far and wide flock to the wild east coast, while food lovers tour the island for a taste of Barbadian culture.

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Inuit Culinary Experience

Inuit Culinary Experience with Quark Expeditions

Quark Expeditions’ ‘Tundra to Table’ Experience is one of a kind. The programme, hosted by Inuit chefs who are experts in indigenous cuisine, is the only exclusively Inuit culinary experience of its kind within the cruise industry. The regions of Greenland and Nunavut are explored by all the senses on these deliciously educational expedition cruises with Quark Expeditions.

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Hurtigruten Cuisine

Hurtigruten goes vegan!

It’s fairly common knowledge that being vegetarian or vegan on a cruise is a difficult endeavour, a challenge which some cruise lines are beginning to tackle in a bid to offer more variety and keep up with the steady rise in demand.

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Family Holiday

Why take a multi-generational cruise?

A multi-generational cruise is exactly as it sounds – a family cruise holiday that you would take as a group with members of your family across multiple generations. It usually includes grandparents, parents and grandchildren and can cover multiples of this so there are parental siblings, or significant others of children, dependent on how old they are.

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Discover the Baltics

On cruises to the Baltics you should always expect the unexpected. Watch the drama of the ever-changing scenery unfurl and hold your breath in anticipation as you wait to see some of the world's finest natural wonders appear before you.

Curious cities and towns are not only chic, they pack a punch with their epic architecture and rich culture. You'll be hooked by iconic destinations which leave you desperate to get under their skin and find out more. Read on and discover your next Baltic destination…

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