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About Scott

Hi, I'm Scott and I have worked in the cruise industry for 6 years primarily in a sales role. I began working solely in the luxury cruise sector in February 2020 (great timing, just as Covid kicked off!). I've been lucky enough to see a lot of the world from family holidays, having been to Florida many times, primarily Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Naples and Key West, and a lot more of the USA including New York and Las Vegas, as well as an awesome experience on Route 66 to LA, San Francisco, Anaheim, San Diego, Monterey, Yosemite, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Carmel.

As well as extensive travel around Europe I've also visited Australia twice as I have family there, and stopped off in Singapore en route. As part of a cruise around Central America, South America & the Caribbean I visited Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Colombia, Grand Cayman and Belize. It's safe to say I just love travel!

Working at Panache Cruises

I love the unique Cruise Connoisseur service we provide to our guests, it’s unlike anything else. We’re not just ‘salespeople’ who take the booking and move onto the next, we really get to know our clients and develop great relationships with them to the point where we can just talk to them like friends about anything. I worked for James for a number of years in the past and loved it, I’m really enjoying the family-feel environment he’s created with us and I’m very excited with the direction that our business is heading!

Favourite Destination

I love Vegas for the exciting vibe of the city and I’m a sucker for the casinos, it’s an amazing city. For relaxation, Vale do Lobo in Portugal as it’s full of stunning villas, incredible restaurants, and it’s not too far from lovely beaches.

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Conservatory Pool Explora I

An In-Depth Look at Explora in Iceland

Cruise Connoisseur Scott Perry was one of the lucky team members to experience brand-new cruise line Explora Journeys this summer.

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Scott in Bergen

48 hours on Le Champlain

Last week I was invited on board Ponant's expedition yacht, Le Champlain, for two nights while she sailed from Dover to Bergen, Norway.

The entirety of my voyage was purely at sea until we arrived in Bergen on the morning of disembarkation, but we did get to see the city in full that day.

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