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Capri, Italy

Why cruise the Mediterranean this summer?

From the idyllic beaches of Croatia to the breath-taking views of the Amalfi coast, the Mediterranean is sure to provide the ultimate summer holiday. On a Mediterranean cruise in the height of summer there are endless opportunities to explore the coast or try the finest delicacies, both of which will be something to remember for a lifetime. The Mediterranean is always a perfect pick for summer cruising but will 2022 be the summer you decide to take the plunge into the crystal waters of the Med?

Climate & Nature

With temperatures sitting at around the 30-degree mark in July and August and just slightly lower in the earlier summer months, the temperate climate provides the perfect opportunity for either soaking up the summer rays or stepping off the ship to explore the waterways of the Grand Canal in Venice or any of the other paradisal gems in the Mediterranean. As well as the expected aesthetic beauties of the Mediterranean, when you delve much deeper you will find the true beauty of the cultures and nature that lie within. A huge part of the Mediterranean culture is the food and delicacies, that are always on offer from the local people. From Italy's’ superb pasta dishes to France’s cheeses, the food will definitely be something to remember from the different Mediterranean destinations.

St Tropez, France

Best Things to See & Do

The list of opportunities for sightseeing and widening your view of the world is endless when stepping aboard a Mediterranean cruise; whether it be Saint Tropez or Portofino you will be sure to find an activity to indulge in. In summer the Mediterranean is a very popular destination, largely due to soaring temperatures and long summer nights, and a cruise is possibly the best way to sample different destinations and their cultures. The sun-kissed beaches of the Mediterranean coast provide the perfect opportunity to soak up the summer sun and relax away from the stresses of the real world as the days are long and warm.

History and culture overflows in the Mediterranean, any opportunity to see amazing views such as the Vatican City and the Trevi Fountain are not something to be missed, perhaps even opportunities of a lifetime. Visit fascinating historical sites, marvel at stunning architecture, stroll around cobbled streets, and lounge on golden beaches. If you're a food fanatic, the Mediterranean offers some of the most delectable cuisines, from traditional Napoli pizzas in Italy to spicy paella in Spain and wine and cheese in France. The Mediterranean is an ideal destination for a summer cruise and, despite being close to home compared to more far-flung tropical destinations, it offers the perfect cruise holiday for the summer.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Spotlight on Barcelona...

The enchanting coastal city of Barcelona is truly enchanting in summer with its boundless culture and unique architectural beauty. If the opportunity is available, we highly recommend taking some time to explore the incredible sights Barcelona has to offer. Particularly in the summer months Barcelona truly comes to life and its deep-rooted history is apparent through the people and its culture. A true highlight of the city, for both locals and tourists alike, is Park Güell. Gaudi's unusually-designed waving balcony and the colourful Guard’s House, with the beautiful Barcelona skyline and sea in the background, is a picture-perfect scene.

Of course, make sure to visit the awe-inspiring Sagrada Familia, wander the market stalls and restaurants of Las Ramblas, or even head to the beach and enjoy the chilled out vibes in the many beach bars. If you have time, you can even head out of the city to Montserrat; an hour's train journey from the city, you are blessed with jaw-dropping views at this beautiful old Spanish monastery. A cosmopolitan city with a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle, Barcelona is one of our favourites for a luxury cruise in the summer.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Spotlight on Santorini...

Often considered one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, Santorini sits in the heart of the Greek Islands and provides a picture perfect holiday. One of the best ways to experience full immersion into the Greek way of life on the beautiful island is a guided tour of Oia. Winding through the streets while tasting the most delicious Greek food and sampling the finest wines will truly be a delight as the sun beats down on the white Cycladic buildings. A Santorini sunset is also something that must not be missed so make sure to soak up every moment of this idyllic island on a Mediterranean cruise this summer.

Santorini Sunset

So why the Mediterranean as your summer cruise pick this year?

Well, what's not to love? A beautiful climate, variety of immersive cultures, sumptuous food and wines and of course the most delightful people. The Mediterranean provides the perfect mix of culture and relaxation for the best summer cruise. Whilst being not too far from home it feels like a complete escape, everything a summer getaway is about.

Find out more about Mediterranean cruises here, or call us on 0161 513 8200 to book your luxury Mediterranean cruise this summer (or next!).

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