Platinum Founders members, Sue and John, loved Silversea Silver Nova

We love hearing about our customers’ luxury cruise experiences. Not only does this tale-telling warm our cockles — knowing we’ve given somebody else memories to last a lifetime — but it helps us get a feel for the luxury cruising industry; ships, destinations and all. We recently had the pleasure of catching up with John and Susan Lockwood, husband and wife team, Platinum Founders members and seasoned Silversea aficionados.

We couldn’t think of anyone much better to cruise Silversea’s brand-new ship Silver Nova and report back to us with how much they liked it. John and Sue's insights provide a glimpse into day-to-day life aboard Silversea’s latest offering. 

Panache Cruises: Hi John and Susan, welcome back! How’s it going?

John: Hello! We’re brilliant. We had a fantastic time, we felt like royalty with the treatment we received. Silversea always gets it right, whether we’re wearing our official Panache Cruises t-shirts or not!

Panache Cruises: Susan, what were your first impressions of Silver Nova?

Susan: The moment you step on board, you're met with this incredible sense of space and light. The atrium is stunning, and those glass elevators with panoramic views are just the beginning. The suites are beautifully presented, and the bathrooms are a step above. It sets the tone for a different kind of Silversea experience. Our first meal, lunch at La Terrezza*, really set the tone for the rest of our dining experiences on board.

*La Terrezza is Silversea’s onboard Italian restaurant, flaunting the cruise line’s rich Italian heritage. As it should be with Italian food, simple recipes with high-quality ingredients — enjoyed al fresco if you wish — are at the centre of the menu here. Expect rich flavours, plenty of fresh seafood, incredible self-service desserts — and of course, pasta, pizza… and limoncello!

Open for dinner and reservations are required.

Panache Cruises: John any dining experiences you enjoyed?

John: Oh, definitely. The Marquee is a game-changer. Elegant space, glass doors with sea views – it's a different league. And the S.A.L.T. Bar*, especially in the evenings, is a gem. The introduction of the S.A.L.T. Lab and the Chef's Table brought a new level of culinary sophistication.

*Silversea's S.A.L.T. programme is a culinary programme designed to offer guests immersive culinary experiences centred around a destination's food, wine, and culture. S.A.L.T. stands for "Sea And Land Taste''. S.A.L.T. offers a range of experiences including…

- S.A.L.T. Kitchen: A restaurant on board that serves regionally- inspired dishes
- S.A.L.T. Bar: A bar that features locally sourced spirits, wines, and cocktails
- S.A.L.T. Lab: A space where guests can participate in culinary workshops.
- S.A.L.T. Excursions: Shore excursions that are focussed on food and drink.
- S.A.L.T. Talks: Expert talks given by experts on topics related to food and wine.

Panache Cruises: Did anywhere else stand out to you on the ship Susan?

Susan: The pool deck is paradise. The layout is unique, with the pool on one side, plenty of lounging space, and upgraded features like the Dusk Bar at the stern. The whirlpool with glass sides overlooking the sea is fabulous.

Panache Cruises: Any thoughts on the onboard entertainment?

John: The theatre is spacious, and the shows are a departure from the usual Silversea offerings – more contemporary and engaging. The lectures — especially with journalist and newsreader Michael Buerk — were thought-provoking and gave us something else to do rather than simply lounging in the sun all day. It added an intellectual flair to the journey.

Panache Cruises: Where do you think you spent most time on the ship Susan?

Susan: I’d have to say Deck 5 where the Arts Cafe is situated. It’s also where you can find reception, and the excursions desk. It's reminiscent of Seabourn Square, and it works well. The Dolce Vita Bar* was our nightly hangout, with its popular cocktails and the amazing singer/ pianist, Alfredo.

*As Silversea’s pre- and post-dinner drinks venue, the Dolce Vita bar is found right at the beating heart of Silver Nova. There’s capacity for just 120 guests and it’s open from early morning until late at night. It’s elegant but with a leisurely vibe in the day, and a sophisticated piano bar at night. By all accounts, it’s the place to be.

Panache Cruises: Finally, how does it compare to the rest of the Silversea fleet?

John: The ship is fantastic — absolutely beautiful! It does seem slightly larger than the other ships and with the asymmetrical design, the layout is slightly different but we soon found our way around. Anyway, we had a brilliant time and we’d recommend a trip on Silver Nova to anyone!

Read columnist Gary Buchanan's Silver Nova article on The Panache Cruises Blog.

Call Panache Cruises on 0161 513 8200 if you want to experience Silversea like John and Sue!

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