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The Galapagos Islands. One of the most naturally beautiful and pristine regions on Earth. Famed for its abundance of fascinating wildlife, including the Giant Tortoise, the Blue-Footed Booby, Marine Iguanas, and Galapagos Penguins.

Celebrity Cruises' Jonny Peat ventured to the Galapagos on an exciting expedition and has kindly written about his personal experiences, as well as about why Celebrity Cruises are the best cruise operator in the Galapagos.

A bit about Celebrity

We have a fleet of three which lots of people aren’t aware of!  We’ve been providing incredible adventures there for 17 years, longer than any other luxury operator, so we really have everything down to a tee.  The smallest of our vessels, Celebrity Xploration carries just 16 passengers, offering an intimate journey that’s perfect for a group of family or friends.  The next is Celebrity Xpedition, carrying 48 guests, and prior to Celebrity Flora’s introduction to the islands was the most modern in the region.  Celebrity Flora’s arrival was very much a game changer, the first full-suite yacht to be built specifically for the Galapagos carrying just 100 guests. Built for the eco conscious adventurer, with some innovative one-of-a-kind features to really enhance the whole trip.

Celebrity Xploration

Celebrity Xpedition

Celebrity Xploration Suite

Why visit the Galapagos Islands

There is an air of mystery surrounding the islands which appeals to true adventures who want to travel off the beaten track, following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and David Attenborough.  The Galapagos National Park is extremely well protected, and features flora and fauna not found anywhere else on earth.  Imagine in a world populated by billions, being one of a handful of people who have stepped foot on the islands and seen these weird and wonderful creatures with your very eyes.  The Galapagos archipelago harbours the largest number of different species on the planet and scientists are discovering more all the time.

Giant Tortoise

Marine Iguana

What makes a Galapagos cruise with Celebrity different?

We have Celebrity Flora, which has unique features that cannot be found elsewhere, including a science lab, stargazing platform, and a top deck glamping experience. Celebrity Flora was so carefully designed not only to help protect the islands, but also to allow our guests those experiences that will take them closer to nature in real comfort.  Our state-of-the-art hydraulic zodiacs are by far the most comfortable way to access each island. 

Back on board we have thought of everything.  Our 81 strong crew go out of there way to deliver exceptional service at every touchpoint.  Our culinary is really standout, delicious menus crated by expert chefs, perfect to keep up those energy levels.  Our pre and post Quito experience complements the islands perfectly and everything is included in the price of your trip, just as you’d expect from a luxury operator.

Celebrity Flora

What were your personal highlights from your cruise to the Galapagos, Jonny?

For me it was waking every morning with a brand-new view of a new island.  We feature private balconies in each suite, and I watched the sun rise from mine every morning with birds and whales going about their business. The naturalists who guided us each day were so full of information and allowed everyone to really take their time, capturing the action on camera as well as allowing us to absorb our surroundings at the perfect pace.  

My experience swimming with Galapagos sealion pups was truly magical.  None of the creatures fear humans so to have them get up close and personal was an unforgettable experience for me, everyone should do it. A total bucket list trip that I'm so glad I booked and I would love to head back there again!


Many thanks to Jonny for contributing to the Panache Cruises blog.

You can find out more about Celebrity Cruises here.

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