Experience Prague on a Danube river cruise

After emerging from the crushing grips of Communism in 1989, modern-day Prague is a gem in the crown of Central Europe. A thriving cafe culture, world-class restaurants alongside local eateries, museums revelling in Czech Republic’s chaotic history, quirky markets, vibrant festivals, and more. There are plenty of reasons to visit on a Prague river cruise.

A stunning city
This is the City of a Hundred Spires, where the historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A Prague river cruise offers a breathtaking mix of Baroque, Gothic, Modernist, and Renaissance architecture all within walking distance of each other. 

There are countless fascinating historic sites like the Charles Bridge. Built as far back as 1357, this iconic bridge has stood the test of time to become one of the oldest in-use bridges on the continent. Likewise, no trip to Prague would be complete without a mooch around the famous Prague Castle. The largest castle complex in the world, this sprawling site sits at the top of the hill with unbeaten views of the city around you.


There are also interesting modernist sites like the Dancing House. Built in 1994, this fine example of quirky post-modernist architecture offers stark contrast to traditional Czech buildings around it. A quick tip: The restaurant inside Dancing House, Ginger & Fred, is absolutely phenomenal and the views are marvellous.

A rich variety of food and drink
Trdelnik, goulash, open sandwiches, sausages, pancakes, dumplings are all staples of Czech gastronomy. It’s a very traditional meat-and-potatoes kind of affair. Hearty, filling, warming, and delicious - especially in the winter. U Červeného Páva is the place to go if you want a true taste of authentic Czech cuisine. Try the Prague Sausage; it sounds simple enough but it’ll knock your socks off. Even more so when washed down with a litre of cold Czech pilsner.


Prague is a beer-lover’s paradise. Czechs are actually the biggest beer drinkers in the world, beating even Germany to top spot with a huge 156.6 litres of beer per capita every year. Pilsner was invented in the Czech Republic, and there are plenty of spots to enjoy a cold pint of amber elixir all over the capital. In a city where winter brings wet grey weather six months out of the year, these cheery pubs are an integral part of surviving the gloom.

For an authentic Czech beer-drinking experience in a mediaeval tavern, try U Sedmi Svabu.

And the rest
You’ll find art all around you in galleries, museums, and even on simple residential streets; Prague is one of the most exciting cities in Europe when it comes to street art. History too, and no less than 14 million treasures find their home in the National Museum. Look out for Czech icon Mucha’s art dotted around the museum, it’s “iconic”... literally.

All in all, Prague is perfect for the aimless wanderer. It’s a maze of cobbled lanes and hidden courtyards to get lost in. All the major sites are close together - the Astronomical Clock, St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Town Square, and the rest. A three-day programme in Prague is more than enough to take in this enchanting city before or after a Danube river cruise


Luxury river cruises help you see the world
Look at a map and you’ll notice most of the world’s major cities are located on the banks of an iconic river. We’ve got the Thames snaking through London, the Seine sweeping past Paris’ most famous landmarks, and the many romantic rivers of Portugal, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands. Luxury river cruises let travellers sail straight into a country’s heart.

As romantically-lazy or as physically-active as you like, river cruise itineraries find the balance between nature and culture; idyllic countryside and beating-heart cities. River cruisers get to spend more time in locations that need more time spent in. Docking in city centre locations means no time is wasted.

Back on board, everything you need is typically included in your luxury river cruise fare…

  • Flights and airport transfers
  • Accommodation depending on your choice of suites
  • Beer, wine, and soft drinks at meal times
  • Complimentary shore excursions and guided tours
  • Onboard events and entertainment
  • Usage of onboard facilities such as swimming pool, spa etc.

A luxury river cruise is ideal for travellers looking to see the world from a different angle. With smaller ships and fewer passengers on board, river cruises feel more intimate and relaxed. Importantly for first time cruisers, there’s pretty much zero chance of getting seasick too!

Danube river cruise visiting Prague
At 2,850km long, the mighty Danube River roars from the borders of France and Germany straight through the heart of Europe. It visits huge country capitals and quaint villages with rolling vineyards before pouring into the Black Sea in Eastern Europe. Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine are all ports of call for this meandering river. You’ll notice Czechia is not on that list.


“Prague serves as a transfer destination for Danube River cruises. Passengers frequently overnight here for one day or more before journeying by bus to meet their ships.”  

Cruise Critic

Prague is the perfect destination to start or end your luxury river cruise. It’s super accessible, with direct flights from most major UK airports. There’s also an indirect train service with a stop in Brussels for those who don’t like flying. Its location in the absolute middle of Europe means it's only a short transfer to your luxury river cruise embarkation port, irrespective of where on the River Danube that may be.

Avalon Waterways: Danube Dreams

This Avalon Waterways westbound tour of the River Danube includes a 2-night post-cruise Prague programme. Danube Dreams embarks from Budapest before visiting big-hitter cities and smaller locations on the way to disembarkation in Vilshofen, Germany. From there, passengers are taken to Prague by coach where they’ll enjoy various guided tours.

“Avalon Waterways are masters of River Cruising, casting a light on places and people with fascinating itineraries and a world-class, tried-and-tested cruising experience.”

James Cole, Founder & CEO of Panache Cruises

The Avalon Waterways experience is framed by the best views in the cruise industry. Panoramic Suites feature wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows provide view-gazing opportunities more than 30% larger than the industry standard. Window-facing beds mean you’ll wake up to the imposing sights of downtown Vienna floating past your window.

Emerald Cruises: Prague & Danube Explorer

This Passau to Budapest sailing features a three-night Prague stay before heading to Passau to start an eastbound voyage along the Danube. In Prague you can enjoy a guided tour, indulge in coffee and cake at Lobkowicz Palace, and discover the Taste of Czechia. Your Luxury Danube river cruise then takes in Linz, Český Krumlov, Melk, Dürnstein, Vienna, and Bratislava before disembarkation in Budapest.

Emerald river cruises are contemporary and chic, cutting stylish shapes as they head east towards Budapest. A three-tiered atrium and heated swimming pool impressively turns into a cinema on some evenings.


Emerald Cruises offer different types of excursion for different types of traveller.

  • EmeraldPLUS are immersive excursions from Bavarian band performances to elevenses with local Slovakians
  • EmeraldACTIVE features guided hikes, bike rides, canoe excursions, wellness experiences, and more for cruisers who like to move
  • DiscoverPLUS excursions are for those that want to experience their destination further, paid for on a per-activity basis

Scenic Cruises: Gems of the Danube

Scenic river cruises promise a truly all-inclusive experience. Starting with a three-night stay in a luxurious Prague hotel, you’ll then transfer to Nuremberg in Germany by coach. From there, you’ll board an elegant, comfortable, and contemporary Scenic Space-Ship. Scenic Amber meanders east up the Danube, taking in Regensburg, Passau, Melk, Vienna while you’re fine-dining and fine-wining all the way. You’ll disembark in Budapest, the Queen of the Danube.

  • Dining at your choice of up to five onboard venues
  • Premium beverages all day, every day
  • Butler service for every suite
  • A mini-bar that’s topped up throughout your cruise
  • Salt Therapy Lounge and gym access
  • The use of onboard e-bikes
  • Return airport transfers and flights
  • All onboard gratuities

AmaWaterways: Iconic Christmas Markets

Something a little bit different, AmaWaterways sail down the Danube taking in all the iconic Christmas markets on the way. Beautiful at this time of year, it starts with a three-night stay in Prague with free time to explore and a try an “educational” beer-tasting experience before heading to Nuremberg for disembarkation. Famous for its Christmas market (see below), this Bavarian gem is the embarkation point for a bit of Christmas magic.


You’ll then take in Regensburg, Passau, Melk, Vienna, and finally Budapest.

“There are many reasons to book AmaWaterways. Whether it’s their innovative ship design including the double-wide AmaMagna, the wellness programme with optional walks, hikes, bike rides, champagne yoga, and more; critically-acclaimed dining, or simply the fact that their massive fleet sails down all the iconic rivers of the world.”

James Cole, Founder & CEO of Panache Cruises

Call Panache Cruises on 0161 513 8200 if you want to learn more about Prague river cruises.

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