About Helen & Rich

Rich and Helen are full time travel writers and videographers, who focus almost exclusively on luxury and ultra luxury cruising. After documenting their extensive travel over the last two years, they retired from their professions in 2020 to concentrate on their travel aspirations and intend to make the most of their ‘empty nester’ status by cruising as often as possible and recording their experiences on their website and YouTube channel.


“We like to call our videography style ‘Experience Based Vlogging’”, explained Rich. “We like to stay behind the camera and give a first person perspective, always putting the ship and its itinerary front and centre stage, giving the viewer a real feel for what it’s like to experience the voyage for themselves. Each voyage tells a story and that’s something we’re keen to capture. It’s something we believe really helps potential guests make their minds up about which ships and voyages would be best for them.”

“We also try and make each story as cinematic and as pretty to look at as possible because with luxury cruising, it’s the details that matter and we believe they matter to the viewer too. Also, every second of video on our channel is our own material. We never use stock footage or third party clips. If we don’t experience it with our own eyes, it simply doesn’t go into the video. That way, everything you watch can be relied upon to be as authentic as experiencing it yourself. In fact, book the same voyage, and you CAN experience exactly that!”

Our Blog and Social Activity

“We also compliment our videos with full written blogs on our website, featuring some of our favourite pictures of each trip,” added Helen. “YouTube is our priority, but we have lots of brilliant social media outlets which add and enhance the overall experience and we use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to report live from wherever we are.”

“Additionally, something that’s really important is our Facebook group, The Luxury Cruise Society. This group is a friendly, welcome and knowledgeable place where luxury cruisers can share experiences, swap hints and tips, and help others make cruise decisions based on shared knowledge. We love the group and its members and it’s the only Facebook group in the world as far as we’re aware, that focusses just on luxury and ultra luxury cruising, covering all the luxury cruise lines under one roof.”

Joining the Panache Team

Rich and Helen are delighted to be part of the Panache Cruises setup too, as their philosophy for producing content of the highest standard with no compromises closely matches Panache’s own ideals for exceptional customer service.

“We’re very happy to be partnering with James and his team as ambassadors for Panache Cruises,” says Rich. “They’re an incredibly friendly bunch, and their attitude and commitment in providing their customers with the best, most worry free and complete service from beginning to end is something we admire.”

We just know you’ll enjoy Rich and Helen’s YouTube channel as much as us here at Panache Cruises so please subscribe. It can be found here - youtube.com/visitwithus

For written reports, blogs and gorgeous pictures in a beautifully simple, ad free website, visit visitwithus.co.uk

Please be part of their growing family of luxury cruisers on Facebook too - simply search for The Luxury Cruise Society and click ‘join’.

Finally, we recommend you follow Rich and Helen on their other social media platforms too for daily updates and fabulous pictures:

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We’re very happy to be partnering with Helen & Richand as ambassadors for Panache Cruises. They’re an incredibly friendly bunch, and their attitude and commitment in providing their customers with the best, most worry free and complete service from beginning to end is something we admire.

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