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Aurora Expeditions

Antarctica with Aurora Expeditions

Antarctica, the 7th and least-visited continent, is on many intrepid travellers' bucket list, ours included. Whenever we discussed it though the one thing that put us off was crossing the Drake Passage, so a voyage incorporating flying to Antarctica one way and sailing back seemed the perfect solution, giving us the opportunity to experience the Drake Passage without it affecting our outward journey.

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When to visit Antarctica

Choosing the best time of year to visit Antarctica is vital when planning the trip of a lifetime. The South Pole may be cold, well, all year round - but believe it or not the weather and climate do vary in Antarctica and this should be taken into consideration before planning your expedition cruise.

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Day to Day Expedition to Greenland, by an Expedition Guide

People often talk about their lives in terms of before Greenland and their life after Greenland. Such a profound impact it has, that most people end up returning to the largest island in the world, often several times. Aurora Expeditions does their Greenland voyages a bit differently to others.

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Aurora Expeditions in Antarctica

Why visit Antarctica? Jos Dewing, Aurora Expeditions

When I first began my career in travel, I was working with two heritage cruise lines that both operated their winter seasons in Antarctica. And I became completely fascinated by the place. In fact, obsessed would be a more accurate description.

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