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Silversea announces change of dress code throughout fleet

Silversea are delighted to announce that due to the success of the change of dress code policy on board Silver Nova that they are rolling it across their entire ocean-going fleet. The first ships to have this implemented on will be Silver Dawn, Silver Spirit, Silver Muse and Silver Whisper, which will be effective for sailings departing on or after the 21st of April 2024. The rest of the fleet including Silver Shadow will be effective for sailings departing on or after the 26th of May 2024.

During the day, guests are encouraged to dress in casual wear, similar to a five-star resort. This will be acceptable for day time activities. In adherence to the new dress code policy, Silversea have advised that flat or low-heeled footwear should be worn for all daytime activities on deck. 

As the day transitions into evening, the dress code aboard the ship changes towards a slightly more refined and elegant style. After 6pm, guests have the option to change into more sophisticated evening wear, which is separated into two different categories, elegant casual and formal attire.

If you want a more casual and relaxed evening, then elegant casual attire is recommended. Ladies have flexibility as they may opt for trousers, a blouse, a skirt or a casual chic dress, allowing a more casual and informal evening. Gentlemen may opt for open-collar shirts and slacks, with the option to add a jacket for a more formal feeling.

Silversea new dress code casual

In the evening, if you're looking for a sense of elegance and sophistication, Silversea recommends that you adhere to the Formal Optional dress code. Ladies are welcome to choose from a selection of refined options such as an evening gown or cocktail dress. Gentlemen may opt for a tuxedo, dinner jacket or a dark suit paired with a tie. Alternatively, adhering to the Elegant Casual dress code is welcome, but a jacket is still required for gentlemen in all indoor spaces.

Silversea new dress code formal

Wanting to create a sophisticated ambiance on board regardless of the daily dress code, after 6pm indoor spaces prohibit jeans, shorts, trainers and flip-flop-type footwear. Gentlemen who are thinking about dining at La Dame restaurants are required to wear a jacket at all times. But remember, casual wear is always suitable for outdoor venues.

The number of formal evening on board depends on the length of your voyage. If you are sailing for seven days or less, you will be met with Elegant Casual nights throughout your trip. On sailings of eight to 14 days, you can expect between one or two Formal Optional nights. If you are on a longer voyage of 15 days or more, then you can expect two or more Formal Optional nights throughout your journey.

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