AmaWaterways Active Excursions

Keeping active aboard AmaWaterways

Set apart from the rest by their super sleek fleet of boutique river cruise ships, exquisite dining experiences, and spacious accommodations, AmaWaterways offer some of the most luxurious river cruises in the world.

One unique element of an AmaWaterways cruise, which perhaps isn’t so well known, is that they place emphasis on wellness and keeping active whilst on board.

River cruises in general are well suited to travellers who enjoy an active lifestyle. They provide plenty of opportunities to get outside and explore, whilst docked right at the heart of exciting destinations. You will find that city walking tours, bicycle excursions, and more strenuous activities such as hiking, climbing, and kayaking are common options for river cruise shore excursions.

AmaWaterways Bicycle Vineyard Tour

AmaWaterways take it to the next level.

As well as offering all of the above excursions, AmaWaterways offer a range of fitness and wellness based activities onboard their ships, in an effort to encourage cruisers to be mindful of their physical and mental health. You could even say that AmaWaterways offer ‘fitness holidays’ or ‘wellness retreats’ of a sort; you could very easily curate a cruise schedule which includes multiple onboard classes as well as active excursions, every single day.

Each ship has a designated ‘wellness host’ onboard, who guides guests through yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and spin classes, in addition to offering personal training sessions. Every active excursion is also guided by either AmaWaterways’ wellness hosts or local guides. You could well be stretching on the sun deck during a sunrise yoga session, heading to a spin class before breakfast, cycling around vineyards all morning, and returning to the ship for a pre-dinner dance class.

AmaWaterways Yoga Class

Many cruise lines are seeing an increased use of their onboard wellness facilities, and AmaWaterways are leading the way when it comes to river cruising.

The fitness centres aboard AmaWaterways ships are very well-equipped - what were once a bit of a token gesture have now been given the space (literally and figuratively) to focus on passengers’ wellbeing and develop a healthy and positive attitude towards keeping fit on holiday. The perfect balance for all of the superb food and wine, you might say!

What say you? Do you fancy your next holiday to be the ultimate combination of river cruise and wellness retreat? Take a look at AmaWaterways’ luxury river cruises and get in touch with the team at Panache Cruises on 0161 513 8200 for more information.

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