These exclusive pictures of Explora Journeys are stunning

We were lucky enough to be invited on EXPLORA I as she voyaged from Portsmouth to Copenhagen on one of her very first sailings. This ship is completely stunning from stern to bow, and full of beautiful corners to relax, unwind, take it easy... and eat. Unfortunately we couldn't invite all of you with us on this sailing; fortunately, we did take our camera and snapped plenty of pictures to walk you through the ship to help make you feel like you were there anyway!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Explora Journeys!

Upon boarding the ship you immediately enter the Lobby Bar area. It features a stunning cocktail bar, luxurious shops on either side and guest services tucked behind the marble staircase. As you can see, not a bad place to start our tour of EXPLORA I.

There are a few luxury boutiques on board, most notably Rolex's first boutique at sea, Cartier and The Journey. The latter is Explora Journeys' own boutique selling merchandise, clothes and more!

Crema Cafe can also be found on the mezzanine level of the lobby. Coffee any which way you want it with various panini and cakes on offer too!

Behind the Lobby Bar but towards the front of the ship is the cavernous Journeys Lounge. We spent our evenings here enjoying the musical entertainment and had a welcome lecture here where we met Explora Journeys' fabulous team.

As you can imagine from a luxury cruise line, there are plenty of places to grab a drink, relax and swim across the ship. EXPLORA I features 18 bars, restaurants and lounges! The Astern Bar was one of our favourite places to soak up the sun.

The sunset here was particularly captivating!

Astern Lounge is where the DJ span records until late at night, featuring a busy bar that'll make you whatever cocktail you want!

We found Sky Bar particularly photogenic. Our favourite bar tender worked here; if you see a South African bar tender who makes up cocktails on the spot based on your flavour profile, tell him Panache Cruises says hi!

We found the Atoll Pool and Bar to be the busiest sun spots on the ship. It's easy to see why.

The ship also features 64 private cabanas, most of which you can find on Deck 11!

Without a doubt, the centrepiece of the ship is the amazing Conservatory Pool and Bar area. Featuring a retractable roof, a saltwater pool, whirlpools on either side and a gelateria, I imagine this place would be absolutely rocking in the Caribbean or Mediterranean sunshine with the roof off!

Stunning! Another place to kick back and relax is the Explora Lounge, featuring Malt, the onboard whiskey bar and tobacconist with a wide selection of cigars available.

A cigar expert is on-hand for all your Cuban needs.

We thought Nautilus was a cool area; the kids' area of the ship to give parents a well-earned break.

There are loads more places to relax and unwind on this ship. If you want to see more, read our totally unique Explora Journeys brochure! You won't find one like it anywhere else.

​Obviously, dining is a huge part of any cruise. We ate some of the best food we've ever eaten at sea on EXPLORA I; the dining options are to die for.

Sakura is the ship's pan-Asian dining experience and probably my favourite of the lot. Try the crispy confit duck leg salad -- sensational!

Emporium Marketplace is where we spent most of our time. It's the ship's more casual dining venue, where chefs prepare your food in front of you at different stations. The breakfast options are incredible -- lunch too to be fair!

Anthology is the ship's speciality dining experience, where you pay a surcharge for a tasting menu and wine pairing designed by guest chefs who are famous all over the world!

Med Yacht Club is the ship's stunning Mediterranean-inspired restaurant. We dined here on our final night and the lemon dover sole was filleted at the table in front of us. Delicious!

Fil Rouge is a restaurant based on French-inspired food from across the world.

There are even more dining options on EXPLORA I. If you want to see them, read our free, beautiful and unique Explora Journeys guide. You won't find one like it anywhere else!

Explora Journeys is a cruise line like no other. Now sailing her debut season across the world, we'll be on board to tell you more about it.

If you want to find out more, we've got dedicated cruise connoisseurs who have been on board to experience it for themselves. They'd be happy to tell you more, so give them a ring on 0161 513 8200 to learn all about it!

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