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Enchanting nights on board Queen Mary 2

I was lucky enough to join Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 for the last three days of her World Voyage. This 108-night trip had already taken guests to stunning destinations such as Africa and Australasia, and during the journey through Europe we embarked in Lisbon, Portugal.

Queen Mary in Lisbon

Surrounded by the colourful buildings in this spot, you couldn’t help but be drawn solely to the striking red funnels on this infamous ship. The Queen Mary 2 exterior is donned in Cunard’s signature red, white, and black—a strikingly beautiful contrast against the blues of the April sky and the glistening beads of light in the sea. The ship stood tall and proud, ready to complete the last lap of this enthralling voyage.

Despite arriving on the 105th day, it truly felt as if we had been there since the start. From the warm welcome to the exquisite appearance of the interior, Queen Mary 2 was unfaded. Plush carpets, soft furnishings, glints of gold detailing, and an overwhelmingly homely feel awaited us. Our cabin itself was spruced up to the highest standard: cloud-like pillows, complimentary teas and coffees, a mini-fridge with sparkling wine, and a spacious balcony to watch the day pass by.


Throughout my time on board, I learned all about Cunard’s impeccable strive to meet all guests' wants and needs. They have three brand values they hit every time: feel special, feel inspired, and enjoy the freedom.

Despite the misconceptions that Cunard is always ‘formal’ and ‘traditional,’ learning about their ethics and morals reveals that there is the chance to dress up and feel stunning, but equally a chance to enjoy the freedom to relax and be comfortable. Cunard hosts Gala nights on board for guests to experience a prestigious night of charm and enchantment, with options to dine in other restaurants if you choose. Whether that be the homely Golden Lion pub or the decadent Britannia Restaurant, the choice is entirely yours. They provide a brilliant balance to suit all guests on board, finding the option to do as you please, as little or as much, of paramount importance.

Cunard Gala night

Cunard’s daily activities span between 6 am to 12:30 am every day, allowing ample time to create unique experiences. Golf, watercolour painting, movies, theatre talks, karaoke, DJs, choir, line dancing, fencing, and much more were available at your own desire. It was great to see so many activities and options being enjoyed by all Cunard guests and to partake in something you never thought you would. Alongside this, there are multiple places for you to spend your free time: relaxed libraries and art galleries, bright beauty rooms and spas, enriching chat rooms and theatres, equipped fitness and sport centres, and open pools and hot tubs. We dined on delicate pastries and piled scones at the signature Afternoon Tea, partook in the last Sail Away full of cocktails and music, and enjoyed shows in their expansive theatre. Cunard really provides a ‘home from home’ feel for their guests, bringing in spaces for calm bliss and ventures that push you to try something new. The tranquillity and excitement are a perfect equilibrium and something I push everyone to try themselves.

Afternoon tea

Queen Mary 2 itself was stunning from the inside out. What really impressed me was that each space on board had its own character. A warmly lit library to enjoy some quiet literature, a champagne parlour dripping in gold, the Golden Lion pub with a dartboard and bar, and the gorgeously immaculate spa with soft foliage and relaxation spaces. Each room had been made with the utmost thought and precision. You couldn’t help but feel special as you climbed the expansive staircases and dined in the Queens room, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling paintings with large chandeliers just above you.

Champagne bar

Of course, the outdoor spaces were as special as the inside. Plenty of pools and hot tubs for you to pick a preference, and an impressive amount of sun chairs to guarantee a spot each day. Joining the guests on the sun deck for the last Sail Away is something I won’t forget—an emotional farewell before the last port, filled with great memories on board. The evening brought astounding theatre shows, which are only showcased twice at a time throughout the World Voyage, and a great way to amicably share this spectacular entertainment.


As well as this are Cunard’s standout, unique facilities. Their kennels on deck 12, with a lamppost for the furry UK guests, and fire hydrants for the US, respectfully. Bellboys greeting you at the door with warmth and wholeheartedness. Complimentary room service and white glove Afternoon Tea. The crew meet you every day with familiarity and friendliness, happy to help make your trip as smooth as possible. It truly is a personable and original experience for everyone.

The Queen Mary 2 is a destination in itself. All its amenities, combined with the history and values of Cunard, make it an enchanting and truly special cruise you won't forget.
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